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Respect clients and understand clients, continuously provide products and service which are beyond clients’ expectations, and be forever partner of clients. These are the service concept that we always uphold and promote. I、I.Taking every step, the company first thinks of the consumption concept of consumers is changed after company converting from seller’s market to buyer’s market. With various goods (or service), consumers are more willingly to accept goods (or service) with better quality. The quality here refers to not only the inner quality of products, but also the package quality, service quality and other factors. Therefore, consumers’ desires should be completely and maximally met. ◇Service should be researched, designed and improved while standing by the clients (or consumers) instead of standing by the company’s side.
1. Perfect service system, strengthen pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service, timely solve clients’ different problems occurred when using the product and provide clients great convenience.
2. Highly respect clients’ advice and involve clients into decision-making. Consider handling clients’ advice a significant part of making clients satisfied. ◇make every attempt to keep existing clients.
3. Build a client-centered system, in which the setting of different organizations and adjustment of service process should all be client-centered. Build quick response system of clients’ advice. II. Clients are always right
1.Clients are purchasers of the product, not trouble makers.
2.Clients know their own requirement and interests, which are what the company is searching for.
3.Since clients are ‘naturally consistent’, that means a quarrel with one client equals to quarrels with all clients. III. Three factors of Clients’ Satisfactory
1. Satisfaction with the product: refers to clients’ satisfaction to the product quality.
2. Satisfaction with the service: refers to clients’ positive attitude toward the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service of the purchased product. No matter how complete the goods are or how reasonable the price is, when the good is put into the market, service should always be relied on. ‘After-sales service makes permanent clients’. Satisfaction with the enterprise image: refers to the public’s positive evaluation to enterprise comprehensive strength and overall impression. IV. 5S Concept ‘5S’ refers to the acronym of the five words, smile (SMILE), speed (SPEED), sincerity (SINCERITY), smart (SMART), study (STUDY). 5S concept is the most representative service culture innovation, which is not only of strong personalization, but also of certain operability.
1. Smile: refers to moderate smiles. The shopping guide should only be attentive to clients, and then would they have true smiles. Smiles reflect gratitude and tolerance in heart, and smiles shows optimism, health and considerations.
2. Speed: refers to ‘fast action’, it refers to two different meanings: one is a physical speed, that refers to work as fast as possible and do not make clients wait; second is the speed of demo, the shopping guide’s sincerity and attentiveness would lead to clients’ satisfaction, and would not make them feel like waiting for a long time. To show energy by fast actions, and do not make clients wait is a significant parameter of evaluating if the service is good or not.
3. Sincerity: if the shopping guide works for the clients with sincerity of dedication, the clients would surely get it. To work with sincerity, that is a shopping guide’s important basic attitude and basic principle of dealing with others.
4. Smart: refers to canniness, neatness and order. Receive clients in a clean and neat way, wrap products with smart, quick and elegant actions, and gain customer’s trust by flexible work attitude.
5. Study: Learn and master product knowledge at any time, and study clients’ psychology and reception and response skills. Study clients’ shopping psycholophy, sales and service skills and professional knowledge of product, then the level of receiving clients would be improved and better results shall surely be achieved. The purpose of founding the company is firstly for sure making money. But money is not the only purpose, while seeking nothing but profits is not correct.
Profit is a reward to qualified service. The pursuit of profits is through gentle and sacrifice, to make clients return willingly and hand us the money without complaint and with gratitude.
Do not look for quick success, and make service into pillage, extortion and cheat.


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